Kabod Christian Ministries releases their first album of praise and worship, an album that contains eleven melodies that will connect you with God. This production is titled: "Christ has won" recorded in the recording studio "Armonía Producciónes". In this section you can download it at no cost, because our greatest desire is to bless your life. If you wish to purchase it on CD, please contact us.
Ministerios Kabod Worship © All rights reserved
Our Lord Jesus Christ because You are worthy of supreme praise and adoration. Christian Community of Guatemala Church, also to "Mujer Virtuosa" Ministries, Santo Fuego, Armonía productions and to all our beloved brothers, thanks for your unconditional support, we love you!
001. Cristo ha vencido
002. Guerra Espiritual
003. Poderoso Dios
004. Nadie podra separarnos
005. Alzamos las manos
006. Victoria ha dado ya
007. Te alabaré Señor
008. Gloria al que vive
009. Amor tan inmenso
010. Lléname Señor
011. Llegar ante tus pies
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