God has given us the privilege of having different ministries to honor His name, we want to share with you some of them:

We have 3 purposes:

1. Give up ourselves
2. Take our cross
3. Follow it

Come with us to be part of a "Zero boring" experience
where you can know God in a different way!
Our mission is to teach children using values ??of the Word of God. Our main goal is to make every little boy fall in love with God and never turn away from His ways, as taught by Proverbs 22: 6. Our desire is to be collaborators in the construction of the character and personality of your children, in the scope of this great work. We use the Word of God as the main ingredient, we also use appropriate psychology tools and materials so that each child can optimize their understanding and correct application.
We are a group made up of active and dedicated members of all ages of our congregation, who have in their hearts their talents (acting, lights, sound, costumes, makeup, logistics, etc.) to bring the good news of the gospel. Mark 16:15

Our mission is to bring the good news of salvation to every creature (Mark 16:15) through the talents, art, and passion that God has placed in our hearts.
Our team is responsible for ensuring order, service within the temple and support for each person who comes to our congregation, trying to make each person feel the love, comfort and support within the family of God.

We work serving once a month, alternately in our two service hours.
The Ministry responsible for biblical teaching (doctrine), we do it through highly trained teachers to perform the work that Jesus entrusted to His disciples in (Matthew 28: 19-20).

As a ministry, we have the purpose that people gain the necessary knowledge so they can be transformed through the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Our commitment is to lead every believer from the moment of his conversion to being a passionate disciple of Christ (Ephesians 4:12)
We are a ministry that was born in Kabod Christian Ministries in order to change the world, working with people "one by one", willing to make smiles born in their hearts, bringing an oasis of peace and love to each home.

NOBODY CAN GIVE, WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE! Our best tool is to give our example of the LOVE OF GOD. We want to be the channel that carries a light of Jesus in the midst of the chaos of each person.
Our mission is not only to be musicians, singers, sounders and lights makers, but to be filled with His presence and through His presence to help people in need of love and a touch of the Holy Spirit (that can change their lives). We want that in every place where we have the privilege of ministering, let us all unite with one voice and in one mind, lift our hearts in pure and genuine worship to please our God.
Vision: Restore with the Word of God those women who have turned away from God and also those who do not yet know about Him, giving them the help, ministry and support they need through the Holy Spirit and the love of God.

Mission: To instruct with the Word of God. Renew the understanding of all women who need God. To help those women who have been hurt, abandoned and have a broken heart and a broken spirit, letting them understand how valuable they are and the purpose they have in God.
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Our mission is to equip parents of Kabod Ministries with tools that enable them to carry out their role within the family as God's will.

Our vision is to educate responsible parents who know how to raise children who are fearful of God.

Influence future generations of our congregation by encouraging biblical principles in parents so that they can fully develop their children by equipping them to be in the future parents according to the heart of God
MG means Men of God, and we are a group that we do not conform to what we know until now about God.

Mission: To know God beyond the written letters, beyond the messages we hear, we want to know the deepest of His heart, to please Him and to be faithful to Him. We want to be an example for new generations, an example of priesthood in our homes, an example of love, bearers of His presence, men that say yes to God.

Meetings Tuesday 7:30 pm
VISION: We are a group of young adults filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, passionate to carry the transforming message of Jesus Christ.

MISSION: To reach, build and strengthen the identity of young adults through the word of God in order to live in fullness.

Day: Viernes
Hour:  7:45 pm
Address:  11 calle 20-33, zona 11, Colonia Mirador 2