Kabod means "The Glory of God", and the glory includes the following terms: being weighed, weight, honor, esteem, splendor, presence, etc. For us "Kabod" expresses the company of His presence and embraces these verses as a foundation (Exodus 33:18, 24:16, 17, Ezekiel 10: 4,1 Samuel 4).

Kabod, is the fire embracing His presence in the midst of our lives. It is the full weight of His glory manifested over every son who looks fervently for Him.

It is that fire that burns, that breaks and transforms lives completely.

From this, borns the imposed necessity to share to others that Glory and to teach others the immense love of God manifested in Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

We love sharing His life, ministry, passion, death and resurrection. To share the truths of the Kingdom is our priority, because they are teachings on which the apostles were founded.

We love sharing the person of the Holy Spirit, His gifts and manifestations.

We firmly believe and have experienced that if lives are grounded in these powerful teachings, inner chaos can be transformed into victory.

We are a church of inspiration, a church full of power of the Holy Spirit, a church that gives life through the Word of God, a church that transforms!

Reach, impact and transform our nation and the world with our testimonies.

To answer this question, the first thing we need to know is:
Boulevard Liberación, Edificio Obelisco 15-86
Zona 13, Acceso por la 2a. calle 15-99

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